Universal AVR ATmega board

For many new projects, is a universal board useful as a development platform.

Therefore, the board has been generated, a ATMega (32/64), 2 OP-Amp’s and includes a display.


The op-amps are wired back to the amplification of small signals (eg O2 sensors) with amplification factor of 20.

As Shown are 2 × 16 × 16 or 4 line LCD display is used.

For input two keys are available (eg for a menu).

An ISP programming header is also present, may be programmed directly from AVR Studio.

For output signals are 6 ports brought out.

A 5 V voltage regulator is also provided, as well as the wiring of the internal reference voltage for the AD converter

The ATMega is powered by an external crystal of 8Mhz

Ansicht der Universalplatine, links die CPU Platine mit allen I/O’s, rechts die Anzeige 4×16 Zeichen LCD Universalplatine

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